Coconut Chocolate Mouse Summer Crepe Cake | Poletna torta iz palačink s čokoladno kokosovim nadevom

It was time to use all of my skills and imagination. My husbands birthday was just two days away, and I still haven’t figured it out, how will I make a cake without him knowing. Well, he spends most of the day at work, so time was no issue here. The main problem was, that there is zero appliances here in the apartment. Only a gas oven, which I have never used before. Not to mention my credit card doesn’t work here, so he needs to pay for all grocery shopping. No way I could hide it from him, or could I?

Chocolate Coconut Mouse Cream Crepe Cake

Bil je čas, da uporabim vse moje spretnosti in domišljijo. Rojstni dan mojega dragega je bil že čez dva dni in še vedno nisem ugotovila, kako mu bom naredila torto, brez da on to ugotovi. Res je, da večino dneva preživi v pisarni, tako da čas tu ni bil problem. Največja težava so bili kuhinjski pripomočki, ki so tu skoraj neobstoječi. Le mala plinska pečica, ki je ne znam uporabljati. In bančna kartica, ki tu ne deluje, zato je on zadolžen za plačevanje v trgovinah. Ni šans, da obdriž skrivnost, ali pač?

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Tuesday Big News | Torkove velike novice

dear kitchen in dubai

Hi guys. I have been so excited about this for so long and I always teased you by not telling the whole story. So now that is official and it won’t change, I am sharing with you my big news. Dear Kitchen is moving to Dubai! Hej, kako si? Že dolgo nestrpno čakam in zadržujem…

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Red Bean Burgers | Burgerji iz rdečega fižola

Vegan Red Bean Burgers

Food trucks are unfortunately a rare thing in Slovenia, but the idea has been flourishing in the last few years. Sure, we had those old trucks that sell fresh fish, grilled chicken or pastry and bread. But not the gourmet ones. With the rise of street food festivals (like the one in which we participated…

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Lisbon had a peculiar V-kend…


This is a guest-post by a Portuguese baby-carrot, Catarina. In Lisbon, there isn’t a big vegan community, at least not as big as you would expect from a European capital. Unlike Berlin and Ljubljana, here you don’t find many V(egan) signs in random restaurants and people tend to give you fish or eggs if you…

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