Tuesday Big News | Torkove velike novice

Hi guys. I have been so excited about this for so long and I always teased you by not telling the whole story. So now that is official and it won’t change, I am sharing with you my big news. Dear Kitchen is moving to Dubai!

dear kitchen in dubai

Hej, kako si? Že dolgo nestrpno čakam in zadržujem veliko novico, ki pa jo sedaj končno lahko delim s tabo. Ja, sedaj je uradno in samo višja sila, lahko spremeni načrte. Dear Kitchen se seli v Dubaj!

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Red Bean Burgers | Burgerji iz rdečega fižola

Vegan Red Bean Burgers

Food trucks are unfortunately a rare thing in Slovenia, but the idea has been flourishing in the last few years. Sure, we had those old trucks that sell fresh fish, grilled chicken or pastry and bread. But not the gourmet ones. With the rise of street food festivals (like the one in which we participated…

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Lisbon had a peculiar V-kend…


This is a guest-post by a Portuguese baby-carrot, Catarina. In Lisbon, there isn’t a big vegan community, at least not as big as you would expect from a European capital. Unlike Berlin and Ljubljana, here you don’t find many V(egan) signs in random restaurants and people tend to give you fish or eggs if you…

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Raw Strawberry Pie | Presna jagodna pita

raw strawberry pie

Summer is almost here. Temperatures are rising and what’s even better: seasonal fruit! Definitely my favourite time of the year. And whatever fruit I don’t manage to eat right away, I make raw desserts for my (ever extanding) family. Here is a recipe for raw strawberry pie which was a big hit (and sold out)…

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Asparagus Socca | Socca s šparglji

Aparagus Socca

Hi guys! I have some big news to share with you! It is not so exciting for those who don’t live in Slovenia, but it is huge for me. In two weeks Dear Kitchen will have its own food stand on a festival in my hometown. This is like a dream come true for me!…

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