Lisbon had a peculiar V-kend…

This is a guest-post by a Portuguese baby-carrot, Catarina.

In Lisbon, there isn’t a big vegan community, at least not as big as you would expect from a European capital. Unlike Berlin and Ljubljana, here you don’t find many V(egan) signs in random restaurants and people tend to give you fish or eggs if you pronounce the V word.

However, something new recently brought light to the city: Veganário, a vegan fe(a)st. Veganário has been around since 2008, but I only spotted it four years ago – funny enough, it was happening in my faculty (clearly a wake up call to veganism, now that I think about it!), – and this year I went for the first time to an event hosted by them and dragged Sandra, co-author of Dear Kitchen. So, I walked up the hill, still full from an all-you-can-eat buffet that I went to earlier, trying to make room in my stomach for maybe a couple of chickpeas. I got to Portas do Sol, a terrace over Lisbon’s beautiful roofs, and didn’t know exactly where to go. I saw a group of young nice looking people, followed them down on the right on a very narrow street, and found myself in a private garden, with a dozen of stands and a grill. Sandra soon found the word to describe it appropriately: heaven. It was indeed a piece of Eden. Olive, corn & soy quiches, tofish & chips, curry popcorn, bifanas! After some very happy thoughts and delicious bites and more happy thoughts, came the frustration of realizing that one night wouldn’t be enough to taste everything. Fortunately, Veganário was to be continued. On the next day, I came back.

Lisbon was quite vegan during the past weekend, for a change. And it’s a shame I couldn’t go to the workshops and talks that were happening during the day. I only managed to arrive for dinner both times. I hope they’ll have cooking lessons again next year. The food is most definitely approved, now I want to learn how to make it. Until then, I’ll keep working on my cooking skills, following Dear Kitchen’s recipes.

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Don’t be an ass, help the Vegan Fest!



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