Apple Tart

Pinterst is my new obssesion. I found so many great things on it and I keep presenting new idea for our home and garden to my boy. He belives I am crazy. I he is too, for he is browsing through  Reddit way to much and then introducing new jokes that I don’t understand and then I have to google it.

To get back to my love for Pinterest. You can follow me there, just click the icon here on the right side. You see it? There you can find some lovely DIY projects, fashion and home designs and yummy recipes. On of them also for Apple Tart. I made it for a family luncheon at my mothers. I love this get together when I can be with my whole family for a nice afternoon.

These apples are one of the last from our garden. They were so big that you can not eat one by yourself. They could weight up to 1kg!

I believe there is no need to mention how quick this tart was gone.

Yours truly, A.

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