Onion Rings

They have been telling me, that it will snow today. And I didn’t believe them! They make quite a lot of mistakes, but I guess that when it comes to bad weather, they are actually right a lot. Why can’t they be right when they predict a sunny day?

And since it is snowing and I can’t go out to tidy up my garden and prepare it for winter (I am too late apparently), the best alternative is, to post some old recipes, that have been waiting for me.

Onion rigs are one of my favorite Mexican foods. But I must admit, I don’t like to make them myself, I rather buy them. But on one beautiful sunny day, I have decided to do Tempura-Fried Vegetables. We had some zuchinni, that grew on or garden, some brocoli and I guess there was other stuff I don’t remember now. But what really suprised me, was the taste of onions.

With some Sour Cream and Mint sauce they tasted delicious! Soft and sweet, even better then those bought, they just melted in my mouth. I fried some a litlle less then the other, but I think those fried a bit longer, were sweeter. The recipe is not exect or should I say, the measurments are not. I kind of made it by inspiration and just keep adding ingreadients, till the right thickness. Below is the recipe you can print and maybe start making your own cookbook with them.

Yours truly, A.

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